Internships are a great opportunity for someone with absolutely not game development experience to break into the field.  While education is important, it can be expensive, and one of the things many game development companies look for is a track record of having completed successful projects.

The Kansas Game Developers’ Association supports the idea of internships to foster game development skills.  However, we list “unpaid internships” and “backend compensated internships” separately from regular jobs – the risks are higher for the intern than with a standard low-pay internship job.

All internships listed here are vetted by the Kansas Game Developers’ Association – however, we can take no responsibility whatsoever for and problems that arise between the intern and the company.  Do not take these listings as an endorsement.  We provide this service to foster the community.

And while completely unpaid internships are an option, be sure to check local labor laws – the specifics of internships, particularly unpaid ones, have some conditions you’ll need to be aware of.  Additionally, internship does not mean “take out the trash” – internships focus on education in the workplace.  You can find someone else to take out the trash, make coffee, or mop the floors.

We strongly suggest that internships be “backend compensated” when possible – that means, when a project ships, the intern(s) receive a form of compensation for their work, beyond their name in the credits.

To list your company’s internship opportunities, please submit an article with the following information:

  • Company or Developer Name
  • Company or Developer History
  • Specifics of the Internship
  • What The Intern is Expected to Learn
  • What – If Any – Back End Compensation is Involved


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