Kansas Game Developers' Association LogoWelcome to the Kansas Game Developers’ Association!

The Kansas Game Developers’ Association is a gathering of professional and amateur game developers of all types, businesses, educators, and more who are interested in further fostering game development in Kansas.

We intend to be a free resource for all of Kansas, and cover everything from educational opportunities, internships, events, retail outlets, news, and job openings. Membership is free (though there may in the future be paid advertising or highlighted event opportunities) for anyone.

The resource areas we currently offer are:

  • Event Calendar (For everything from cons to game release events)
  • Job Listings
  • News
  • Crowdsourced Funding Listings (For present and past events)
  • Member Listing for networking
  • Weekly Press Distribution List (Coming Soon)
  • Participating Retail Outlets

Keep watching as we continue to grow the KGDA to fit the needs of the state-wide community of game developers, and continue to ad resources that further game development in Kansas!

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